About EasyScrap

Easyscrap.in is a scrap selling web portal which provides all its users lucrative service of selling their scrap online. Easyscrap.in believes in recycling instead of dumping the scrap. We facilitate the end to end needs of recycling the waste by collecting it from your door steps and delivering it to the recycling partner future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to let everyone have a renewed vision on waste, scrap and recycling, as well as the tools necessary to carry out transactions that benefit them and our city environment, in ways not previously considered in this sector. We want to make this happen, through our portal easyscrap.in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a viable platform, easy to access and use, focused on the selling of scrap in a safe way, offering a lucrative service for its users throughout Pune. Through this portal we also want to aware people the need of recycling to save our city from becoming a dumping ground.

Our Values


We respect a series of alignments and rules, and also contribute to the growth and harmony of the city’s environment in which we operate & the people we interact with.


Taking action on the opportunities presented to us daily; anticipate, intuit, and act positively on all problems that may occur. We want to be able to react instantly and effectively, in all the situations that may arise.


Providing punctuality, professionalism and perseverance; following a work system drawn up conscientiously; and respecting & providing personalized solutions to all of our users, whenever they need us.


Providing a new, easy, user friendly, visual & didactic way of recycling as well as taking advantage of waste and scrap.